Re: Tony's addons - updates

Rui Fontes

Now a days, I assume that is doable...

Back in 2013 when we make the automatic language switching module it was very time consuming, since the machines 7 years ago do not were so powerfull...

And, do not forget that the language detection works allright in long paragraphs or text, but do not work reliably with one or two words...

By instance, suppose an english system and a text in portuguese. Since portuguese have several characters not existing in english, like á, é, ç and so on, is relatively easy to detect, and switching to portuguese, but if you press Alt to go to the menus, it is impossible to detect the language should be switched to english...

Except if you create a rule to always read the menus in the default language, and even that do not solve the problem, because I have the system in portuguese but some apps have the menu in english...

Rui Fontes

Às 15:16 de 30/05/2020, Tony Malykh escreveu:

That's what I thought too.

On a separate note, I was thinking that we can use langdetect library to detect the language of every paragraph on the fly and switch to that language. This would allow to automatically switch between two Latin-based languages, or between Chinese and Japanese. Maybe some day if I have enough time I'll work on that...

On 5/29/2020 11:38 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:
They have different characters, but both group of characters are in the same UNICODE group...

So, like among the latin languages, it is not possible, without lots of processement, to switch from chinese to japanese and vice-versa...

Rui Fontes

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 02:43 de 28/05/2020, William Wong escreveu:
No, they have different character. As far as I know.

Tony Malykh 於 27/5/2020 22:32 寫道:
Language map can be edited in preferences. Do Chinese and Japanese use the same Unicode character set or different ones? If they use the same set, autmatic switching won't be possible.

On 5/27/2020 3:21 AM, William Wong wrote:

Thanks for the list of addons.

Regarding "tonysEnhancements"

how to edit Edit language map

for instance, If I want to configure Traditional Chinese and Japanese, how should I correct the map?


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