Re: NVDA on a Lenovo Miix 630 - no modifier key at all

Tyler Spivey

Try something.
Start key test, and press caps+k.
You should hear 20, 75, 75, 20.
My guess is that instead, you'll hear 20, 20, 75, 75.

Also, try that with other keys, for example the key to the left of 1 (`
on my keyboard). If that works, we can set the modifier to that with the

On 5/30/2020 10:06 AM, Isak Sand wrote:

First of all, Chris, Windows+B gives the VK codes "91, 66, 91, 66".
To me it seems like the keyboard does not allow any other than certain
keys to be pressed together with other ones. If I'm in the keyboard help
and press, say, Alt+Control+Shift+K, NVDA will read out every key. When
I add Caps Lock to that huge command, it will still say
"AltControl+Shift+K", so it kind of just leaves the NVDA key outside the
command. Exactly the same happens if I add Insert or the < key that
Tyler defined in the Add-on.

I have looked at the manual driver page, and there are only two things
showing up there: that Bios update you mentioned and then a rather
inaccessible piece of software called Rescue and Smart Assistant.
I haven't been able to find anything keyboard-related to this machine.
The keyboard drivers that show up in Device Manager are HID drivers.

The UEFI/Bios update may be of interest. I tried to install it, but I'm
not sure whether it succeeded or not. Maybe I should try to figure out
which Bios version it has now and whether it matches that newer one. The
Exe file I found in the Zip file for the Bios update just seemed to do
nothing and when I tried Install.cmd, the computer said straight away
something like "press any key to continue".

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