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On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 04:30 PM, David Ingram wrote:
what ad-ins do you have besides the one for language that I might be able to take advantage of?
All were discussed in the message that started this topic, which is in the NVDA Group Archive.

This question can be answered, specific to NVDA users, by Searching the NVDA Group Archive..

Please read the above and search the archive using the terms enclosed in square brackets below:

[“new features” add-ons Tony]

This returns all of 2 messages to review when the Option 1 in the above referenced document is employed.

For answers not specific to NVDA users, but applicable to all, use the web search technique (Option 2) from the above noted document, but omitting the operator,, from the search using just the search terms listed above.  If required, fine tune your terms by adding more if you’re getting too many results that aren’t relevant, or taking them away one by one if you’re getting no results or very few results that do not answer your question.  This is how one learns, over time, to refine searches to get the information you’re seeking while eliminating extraneous material.  The use of exact phrases, e.g., “Notre Dame” and “flying buttress,” can be very effective in getting more focused information than using those 4 words outside of a phrase or even the phrase, “Notre Dame,” combined with the two words flying and buttress.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for after doing the above, then try Searching the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group Archive or Searching the JAWS Group Archive if accessibility on the PC is the  information you seek.  For Android accessibility questions, try Searching the Android Accessibility Group Archive


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