Re: Question regarding connect remote computer or laptop


TeamViewer, one of he biggest names in remote access software, is perfectly fine to use.  All remote access software poses some risk.

But, if you're not looking at NVDA Remote, you could give UltraViewer a look and a try.  I know a number of technicians (all sighted) who really like it, but I have absolutely no idea about its accessibility or lack thereof.  It has been around for a long time and is freeware, so it's a commitment of only your time and effort, and that of your partner, to make determinations regarding accessibility.

If you're on Windows 10 I'd also suggest playing around with the Quick Assist built-in.  It works incredibly well in my experience but, again, I've been using it "in sighted mode" on my end when giving assistance, no with a screen reader running on top of it, which is why you'd have to play around to see how accessible it is or is not.

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