Re: NVDA and band in a box

Felix G.

As an amateur musician I'd love to know this too. I've been
considering having a good look at Band In A Box for some time now, but
while my schedule would allow it in principle, I want to spend that
time on exploring the musical capabilities rather than the
accessibility shortcomings of the software. There's only so many extra
hoops you want to jump through during your spare time.

Am So., 31. Mai 2020 um 16:23 Uhr schrieb <>:

Hi the list,

I’m a new comer on this list and I’ve just migrated from Jaws to NVDA.

My knowledge about NVDA i slow.

I would like to know if it’s possible to use Band in a box 2019 with NVDA ?

With Jaws 2019 it’s possible but only with a scripte.

With NVDA, I have access to the different menus, but impossible to have an access no the chords sheet.

If someone I have a solution, I’m very interested.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


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