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On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 09:47 AM, Marquette, Ed wrote:
The whole interpretation of a contract can turn on the presence of a capital letter, but now one has to stop reading by sentence and manually check the potentially suspect word to see if it is or is not capitalized. This is not just a good thing, it is a crucial thing.

          Not that I'm disagreeing with your point, because I'm not, but I will say this again:  Complaining on a user group is not the way to register the need for these changes such that they will be made.

          This very issue was just discussed within the last couple of weeks.  Someone else gave the direct link to the NVDA issue on GitHub regarding same.  Those of you who want this, and I know why you want it, would be spending your time far more effectively by adding a comment to that very issue rather than complaining here.  The number of comments on a given issue in an issue tracking system is one of the primary metrics used to determine how important something is to the user community.  And the NVDA user community has the absolute luxury, and it is one, of having direct access to the issue tracking system used by NVAccess for the product.

          I am no longer going to post links to the results of archive searches.  The membership of this group must, yes, must, learn how to do effective archive searches themselves.  Searching the NVDA Group Archive. A search on the phrase "Capital Letter Recognition" gets you straight to Quentin Christensen's post giving the link to the NVDA issue.  If this is important enough to pursue, then do that search, set up a GitHub account if you don't already have one (and I'll be happy to supply step by step instructions if you need those), and click through to that issue and add your comment.  This is how things get done, and it's up to those who want them done to undertake the steps necessary.  You, in fact, were the individual to whom Quentin was responding, so this should not be news to you.

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