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thanks brian for your comments.
as i always mentioned and emphasized, 2017.2 is the best version for me!
but, u p e n d etc, are pronunced by espeak as single letters rather
than complete word, for me because i use SayAll for reading.
if i navigate word by word, espeak reads capitalized words like the
way which it reads them if they are in small letters!
but i am comfortable reading using SayAll, and its very enjoyable and
pleasant even if i read hundreds or at least tens of pages!

On 6/1/20, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

You do not mention the version of NVDA you are using, but I have to presume,
absent any updates, that it's an ancient one. It would still help to know.

NVDA does not generally appear to be case sensitive, and the word up,
rendered in full uppercase as UP, should still be pronounced just like
lowercase up is. Using your example: UP arrow, ENd, TAB

NVDA 2020.1 reads it as up arrow, E N d, tab. I can get why the mixed case
might do this, as the use of multiple capitals mixed with lower case is
difficult to interpret as to whether something's being styled to be read as
separate letters or not. If I change the capital E N followed by lowercase
d to uppercase E, lowercase n, uppercase D, then NVDA says En D, since En is
pronouncable, just like the letter N itself is pronounced, in English.

PhD is pronounced as P H D, just as I'd expect, and just as most readers who
see such after an individual's name would say it.

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