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On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 01:36 PM, Marquette, Ed wrote:
I didn’t mean to complain, and I wouldn’t have brought it up separately, but since another brought it up …

             Thanks for your kind and measured response.  I want to make clear that it isn't the complaining/venting that's the issue, it's that very often it's the only thing that's happening (and this is addressed to the readership, not you specifically).

             Software development has certain conventions.  We are lucky here because there are actually a couple of members "high up" on the NVAccess team that read regularly, but that's a rare exception rather than the rule, and I'm sure that reading is constrained by more pressing commitments.  One of those conventions is the use of systems such as GitHub to track and respond to issues and suggestions.  In most cases, end users don't even have the ability to touch said systems, there's a middle-man such as the Microsoft Feedback Hub under Windows 10, where that input is then later filtered by others and entered into the actual systems used to track and prioritize issues.

              It is critically important that those reading this list realize just how lucky they are to have a method to go "straight to the source" when they encounter an issue or have a suggestion, then check if it has already been entered by someone else, in which case they should add a comment on to the end of the existing issue as appropriate, even if it's as simple as, "I'm having precisely the same problem/I would like to see this feature implemented as well," or to open a new one.  That's where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

               I have no idea what it may, or may not accomplish, but I went to that very GitHub ticket a short while ago and mentioned that traffic requesting the functionality has been very high recently here on the NVDA Group and that the issue has now been open for six years.  It has has a lot of in-depth comments regarding possible implementation options over that time, but little input from end users regarding the desire/need for said functionality.  Going on record by those who actually do need it bumps up the visibility of "old tickets," and particularly if there is a sudden increase in activity on said tickets.

                I also hadn't recalled that I already put these instructions on my Google Drive so anyone who needs them can download them, but here they are:  Creating a Github Account



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