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On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 01:38 PM, zahra wrote:
as i always mentioned and emphasized, 2017.2 is the best version for me!

         First, and most importantly, there are always new members reading you for the first time that have no idea of your history.  Even though I do, even I didn't recall that it was specifically NVDA 2017.2 where you stopped upgrading, though I know you continue to use Windows XP.   That's why it's really important for you to repeat, when asking any question, that you are using NVDA 2017.2 and Windows XP.

          There will not be many others, if any, who read here who are in your situation, but there may be.  They would really be the only ones who could help you with "the details" because most of us long ago went off of NVDA 2017.x and Window XP.   You are using an unsupported version of both the screen reader and Windows operating system, so what you have is what you've got, and will continue to have, unless some existing setting that you haven't tweaked (and may not have known about) is identified by someone else to assist you.

           But when you post without any information regarding what you are actually using, it is the typical expectation that you are using a supported version of NVDA and Windows by those who do not know or recall otherwise.  When you ask questions omitting that information you are going to end up getting a lot of answers that will not be applicable to you, which is why I implore you to routinely include the opening line:   Using NVDA 2017.2 on Windows XP

            And this applies generally to everyone.  It's really, really important when asking questions on software that the software version number being used, and the operating system it's being used under, are included.

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