Re: NVDA and speaking Capital letter


On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 12:49 AM, zahra wrote:
do you mean that all people including me, should mention our windows
and nvda version when we ask something about nvda, for example: how to
use specific feature of nvda or how to change nvda according to our
Yep.   As lovely as it would be if we could all read minds, we can't.  If you look at the signature that comes along with every message I write, immediately after my name is the Windows 10 Edition, bit-depth (which is optional, but I would want to know really if someone is still using 32-bit), Version and Build numbers.  In your case for XP that would be service pack level.  If I'm asking a question about NVDA, and I have, I always mention the NVDA version I'm running.  If I have a question in regard to MS-Office, I always mention that I'm using Office 2016 (or Word 2016, etc.).  That's essential information.

When anyone is asking technical questions, the only way that both the person asking and answering can be certain that they're talking about the same things is if those very things are explicitly laid out.

It needn't be long and flowery, just there.

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