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Richard Wells

F11 switches between local and remote PC.

On 6/2/2020 4:16 AM, Micallef Michael at FITA wrote:

Dear NVDA Users,

I’m an NVDA regular user and just recently I tried to help a friend of mine through the NVDA Remote add-on. My problem is this.


I manage to connect with my partner pc through the NVDA Remote plugin but for some reason I could see only my desktop or my pc programs.  I also tried to look for some good audio tutorials about nvda remote on youtube, but because these youtube demonstrations  have the famous background music and I find that disturbing because I have lack of hearing, so they aren't much help for me.


Again I manage to successfully connect to my friend’s pc but I’m missing something because I couldn’t see his desktop


Can someone give me some assistance in this matter please.


Kind regards,



Michael Micallef
Officer in charge of ICT Accessibility Certification
and ICT Training for Persons with a Visual Impairment

Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA)


+356 2599 2343

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