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There is already a company in California called called SAS that already does. Check out the last FS Cast.



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From: Eilana Benish
Sent: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 12:10 PM
Subject: [nvda] Sensory Interface System for exploring accessible graphs


Hello all ,

·        Have you ever wondered or wanted to explore accessible graphs? We developed a dedicated system for making graphs accessible for screen reader and braille display users. The system enables users to experience accessible graphs in a simple layout using speech, sound and braille.

·        The Sensory Interface system is an Israeli startup, funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority, and run by the Public Knowledge Workshop (a nonprofit).

·        We invite you to try accessible graphs for stocks such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more in the link below.

·        It’s free and only takes a few minutes to try out. Just pick a stock from the list and click the link to open the accessible graph page. On the graph page, choose your preferred TTS voice, move to the graph area, and navigate the graph using the right and left arrow keys. Press the space key anytime to get more info such as current position in the graph, as well as minimum, maximum and average values.

We appreciate any feedback you may have!



The Sensory Interface Teem




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