Re: Remotely controlling a computer with zoom while using NVDA

Luke Robinett

I know in other remote desktop situations, the remote machine needs to be running the screen reader in order for it to work, and the person needs to make sure they're sharing with audio. Might be interesting to have your friend load Windows Narrator then share their screen with you with PC audio enabled. I wonder if it would respond to your keyboard gestures.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Remotely controlling a computer with zoom while using NVDA

I know there is a share video and a share audio and I believe it may allow someone to see and perhaps do things with a remote computer, I'm not sure.
But my impression is that this is purely visual. Once when a sighted friend and I were expeerimenting with share audio, he told me he could see my Winamp interface. He didn't try to do anything with it and when he shared something, though I didn't specifically try, I doubt I could see his interface in a way accessible to a screen-reader.

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From: mohammad suliman
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Subject: [nvda] Remotely controlling a computer with zoom while using NVDA

Hello all,
Hope all are doing well!

I have some question regarding zoom and NVDA: I am interested to remotely
control a computer with zoom, but I have a problem doing so because to do
this, I need to click with the mouse in the shared screen area of the person
I want to control his / her machine. So I am wondering if there is a way to
do this with NVDA accessibly? Has anyone done this successfully?

Any tip will be appreciated!
thank you!

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