Re: Inconsistency between reading paragraph numbers and reading attributes

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It tends to happen pretty reliably.  I’ll first turn off add-ins.  Then, I’ll send you a typical document-without privileged information.




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I just tried this and it seems to work fine for me.  I was reading the Microsoft Word with NVDA material which has headings with styles with numbering.  I'm using Office 365 (64-bit) Version: 16.0.12730.20256  and NVDA 2020.1


If you restart NVDA with add-ons disabled does it still do it?  If you've got a document you can reliably repeat with, would it be possible to confidentially send me a copy of it offlist please?

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I have found that, when enabling one of the features in document formatting (control+ NVDA + d), I lose the reading of paragraph numbers in MS Word 2016 under Windows 10 and NVDA 19.3.
To clarify, the numbers are added automatically by the selected MS Word styles.  I thought it was enunciation of indentations, but the same occurred when just having attributes such as "bold" or "italics" enunciated.
If indents, attributes, and styles are turned off, NVDA reads the paragraph numbers just fine.
I have not been able to isolate the behavior for certain, but I believe each of the above-three settings will nullify number reading.
Suggestions are welcome.

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