Re: NVDA becoming unresponsive in Microsoft Teams

David Goldfield

This problem is not just an NVDA issue but is more of a problem with Teams and it's one which Microsoft is aware of, although I'm somewhat mystified that it's taken this long for a fix to be deployed to production.

One way to get Teams to cooperate when accessibility seems to break down is to resize the window. In other words, press Windows-down arrow to minimize it and then restore or maximize it again. This should get Teams to resume communicating with your screen reader.

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On 6/3/2020 12:52 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

This I believe has ben discussed on this group, if not it has ben discussed on my ttwitter feed as well. I would search at least on the group to see and on github as well.

Take care

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On 2 Jun 2020, at 21:29, Luke Robinett wrote:

The conferencing/chat app Microsoft Teams is generally fairly accessible, but I’m experiencing a recurring issue. After a certain amount of time with the app loaded, eventually NVDA will no longer narrate the contents of the Teams GUI when using the tab key and Teams shortcut keys. When this happens, the only way to navigate the app is with object navigation. If I close and relaunch Teams it starts working again.

This happens frequently, but I can’t quite pin down a specific condition or amount of time that triggers it. Sometimes it happens out of the blue, other times it seems to happen after I’ve shared my desktop on a call.

I’ve tried restarting NVDA but it doesn’t fix it. I’ve also tried NVDA key + F5 to refresh the virtual buffer but still nothing. Can anyone think of any other troubleshooting steps I can try? Having to restart Teams is not ideal, as I’m often in the middle of a work conference and that’s akin to walking out of the room. Lol. Especially annoying/embarrassing when I’m trying to share content.


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