Re: NVDA and Audacity recordings


On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 01:28 PM, Tony Ballou wrote:
Apologies for violating any protocols.
I want to make clear that you did not, in any way, violate any rules.  But this particular post, from you, presented a teachable moment for the group as a whole.

I will add, that even though it's not in the group rules, and if one wanted to be a really nasty stickler, referring people out to other resources could be classed as "off-topic" for the group, I will never, ever consider it to be so.

No matter what, we are here to help one another, and if a question is off-topic, referring the questioner to lists, forums, or other reference material that addresses their needs is always something that should be done.  Not only is it kind, it places "crumbs" for any future archive searcher to find, and it helps to keep the group as a whole much more on-topic than it would be if attempts are made to address off-topic questions in detail.

Also, questions about how to use itself may arise occasionally.  I may direct those to the Chat Subgroup if they can't be answered in a "one and done" response, but if they can it's perfectly appropriate to assist anyone in using the actual mechanism of communication for this group.

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