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Hello All,

           The NVDA Group itself has over 1300 members, and over my years here I have seen how often many of you want to reach out and assist others with non-NVDA related questions.  This morning's Audacity topic is an example of that, and of people doing the right thing on it..  But I know a lot of you would like to actually answer those questions rather than just refer someone out elsewhere.

           The NVDA Chat Subgroup is a venue for doing just that sort of thing.  We have a brand new member, both here and there, who has just posted a laundry list of questions regarding multiple other pieces of software that I am sure others could answer, and that some of you might like to answer.   If you fit into that latter category, please consider joining the NVDA Chat Subgroup.  At the moment, traffic is not high in general, and most topics, though not all, are focused on technical questions regarding other programs or services.

           If you want to minimize your traffic from the Chat Subgroup, then consider subscribing then sending a follow-on message to get the group digest or summary, or follow the instructions here, Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from Groups.io, regarding setting up topic preview for yourself on the Chat Subgroup.

           Thanks for your time and consideration.  The Chat Subgroup addresses follow.
To receive a message containing the group description, and a list of these commands:  chat+help@nvda.groups.io 
To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web):  chat+nomail@nvda.groups.io 
This can also be used to put a vacation stop on group messages, then use one of the addresses below to resume delivery in the format of your choice.
To receive each group messages individually:  chat+single@nvda.groups.io 
This is the default delivery unless you send a message to one of the addresses that follows.
To receive group messages in an HTML formatted digest:  chat+fulldigest@nvda.groups.io 
To receive group messages in a plain text digest:  chat+digest@nvda.groups.io 
To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages:  chat+summary@nvda.groups.io 
To receive only special messages:  chat+special@nvda.groups.io 
To contact the group owner(s):  chat+owner@nvda.groups.io 


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