Re: speechhub add-on installation error

Isaac Porat

Hi Sorry for the late reply.

The list of SpeechHub synthesizers that are supported by default and why you might like to use them is here:

With the SpeechHub NVDA add-on they appear in the list of synthesizers in the usual way.



On 03/06/2020 23:03, David Griffith via wrote:
I don’t know if you had any other answers but as I understand Speech Hub basically operates to improve the performance of some legacy older voices like the older Microsoft voices and some others.

It also occasionally helps out in some other non NVDA situations, I don’t know why, but for example on one  machine I could not get the Speak On app to recognise standard purchased Sapi 5 voices but they worked fine when ported through SpeechHub for some reason so was very useful there.

David Griffith


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Sorry if interrupted this thread but, just curious.

What exactly does with SpeechHub differs from eSpeak?

Do they have other voices as well?

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