Re: Stop NVDA from automatically reading media on webpages

Sarah k Alawami

Try brave. This might help as it I think strips out the adds but still gives you full access to the article.

Take care

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On 5 Jun 2020, at 9:25, Justin Harford wrote:


I'm not sure the subject line accurately describes my issue, but it seems like there are webpages today that have content that automatically refreshes and changes. \unitone \left(  \r2\mathbb{\usepckage{times 9 it appears to be used for advertising or promoting a website's publications.   NVDA }}i\aght) automatically reads this content, and it often interrupts my reading of the articles themselves. Here is an example of a webpage:

As I tried to read the recipe, the screenreader is also reading some sort of a flash object that is promoting other articles. Is there a way to stop this? It seems like either I should be able to stop the screenreader from announcing this, or I should be able to stop Google Chrome from displaying it. I have used ad blockers in the past, but it seems like many webpages now will not allow you to access their resources if you are using an ad blocker, so I wonder if there is some other tool that I could use.

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