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I don’t use row titles, just column titles in row 1.  I usually have column A blank, just because that’s how I did it in WindowEyes.  So my data starts in B2, and goes from b2 to p17288.  Not sure what else I can do at this point.  I’d sure hate to have to go back to jaws, but if I can’t read the column titles of my big spreadsheets, I may have to.



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NVAccess does not do e-mail support.  See this page for online support options:
and this one for paid telephone support:

Is this spreadsheet set up with title columns (for the respective rows) and title rows (for the respective columns) either in Excel itself, which is my preferred method, or in NVDA?   This has been discussed many times on this group.  Searching the NVDA Group Archive

When I use the search on [Excel title row column] virtually every message that comes back (many of which are mine, and many others which are not) come up immediately.

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