Re: require accessible video editor suggestions.

Austin Pinto <austinpinto.xaviers@...>

i want to merge 2 videos into 1 how do i do that?

On 6/6/20, Sarah k Alawami <> wrote:
OBS is ***not*** I repeat ***not*** a video editor. But photoes is very
accessible with NVDA. I can split videos, extract clips, well that one
takes work, apply music and voiceovers to my video etc.

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On 5 Jun 2020, at 17:32, Robert Kingett wrote:

So first of all, this shouldn't be here, but in the chat sub group.
Secondly, I really think the mods or community should open up this
wiki so we all can just add resources whenever we feel like it, it
would cut down on emails like this. Anyway, this should be moved to
the chat subgroup, not here, but here's a few suggestions. Links
aren't provided because I'm on the mobile app, so don't have links.

1. Debut Video Capture.
2. Built in video editor for Windows 10, found in, photos.
3. Win Cam.
4. OBS. Open Broadcaster software. Not as accessible as the others.
5. Virtual Dub.

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