Re: brltty


Joe, might I respectfully suggest you consider joining the Brltty
mailing list--yeah, I know, who needs another w/all the emails you're
already getting, right? But it is low traffic & the developers are
obviously on there, so I think you might actually get more help than
you would here. Please visit the following link if interested:
You can subscribe there, if that's something you'd like to do.

Good luck.

On 6/6/20, Joe Paton <> wrote:
would somebody be able to help me configure brltty to work with an
external braille display connected via a p c i serial card running
windows 10 and n v d a latest version
on the box?
I've looked on the brltty homepage site, and i became pathetically

or direct me to an understandable resource for an old brain to
cope with.


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