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The Code Factory version of Eloquence has weird pronunciation in some words. It isn't worth 70 or something dollars IMO. And the Vocalizer voices that are bundled with eloquence lag as hell.

On 6/6/2020 9:32 PM, Hareth wrote:
Had to reply even with the fact its not a direct NVDA issue.
Code factory good days are gone.
I got the impression they just higher part time developers to patch
their software for the newr OS releases.
Now they have the worst licensing check on android
And windows, plus they simply a banded Eloquence development after
they sold it overpriced to almost all the blind people that used to
use that TTS engine.
That as well speaks volumes on their behalf.

On 6/6/20, Marquette, Ed <> wrote:
Let me encourage you to beware of CodeFactory.
I bought the CodeFactory Eloquence about two years ago from CodeFactory,
mostly because I had become used to Eloquence with JAWS.
After installing and reinstalling it without success, our IT Department (and
we have over 1,000 employees and an IT staff of over 20 people),
CodeFactory’s technical support just said “Sorry.”
Certainly, our level of security is higher than most, but for technical
support simply to give up and not even offer a refund left our IT Department
and me amazed. What kind of organization does that?
It was only $30, but for me, it is a matter of integrity. I might have
refused an offer of a refund, but not even to offer one spoke volumes to me
about the integrity of the organization.
I’m happy with Microsoft’s One Core voices. In fact, when I use JAWS with
Eloquence, it is just a bit unpleasant now.

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Hello! In private and to the group.

You can use the SAPI5 version of Eloquence or the NVDA add-on sold by

As the NVDA add-on have a bad sound on some systems, I recommend to test the
add-on or buy the SAPI5 version...

Rui Fontes

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 23:22 de 05/06/2020, Grant Metcalf escreveu:
I am wondering if the Eloquence voices will work with NVDA? I prefer the
voice bryan and hope it will work. Please answer me directly if possible.
Grant Metcalf

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