Re: sends the contents of the clipboard to the remote machine

Sarah k Alawami

That's true, I remember sendlink. I still don't really see this an option. I saw team viewer working that way when an aira agent copied a web address from my address bar to their clipboard and pasted into an incognito browser window.

Since though in the case of NVDA Remote we are going through servers, if the server owner let's say catches me sending an mp3 to someone via NVDA remote of the latest launch that happened last Saturday, I think they would probably have my head. Lol! And this is not using nvda remote servers either, this is a custom one someone set up.

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On 6 Jun 2020, at 21:09, Luke Davis wrote:

On Sat, 6 Jun 2020, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I would guess not. I can see a legal battle if that were to ever be implemented.

Why, Sarah? Every other remote desktop platform out there can move files from one machine to the other. I know people who run their whole business that way: moving files to and from remote computers at remote locations without human employees via the Splashtop remote desktop tool, which they also use to control what happens to those files.

NVDA Remote really needs this capability.

If you let someone you don't trust into your computer, then you bear the outcome.

That aside, if someone is doing a remote session and really badly wants a file from you, there are several ways they can acquire it--SCP from your machine to another, a web uploader, an email attachment, good old FTP, and more.
It's all just much less convenient than having the remote desktop software do it.


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