Re: brltty

Jason White

If it were a Linux system, I might be in a position to help, but unfortunately I'm not familiar with Windows serial port handling or whether BRLTTY supports it.

I would suggest asking on the BRLTTY list. You'll probably have to specify the name of the serial device and the BRLTTY braille driver on the command line or in the brltty.conf configuration file.

On 6/6/20 10:57 AM, Joe Paton wrote:
would somebody be able to help me configure brltty to work with an
external braille display connected via a p c i serial card running
windows 10 and n v d a latest version
on the box?
I've looked on the brltty homepage site, and i became pathetically

or direct me to an understandable resource for an old brain to
cope with.


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