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Hettie <woehler.hettie@...>

Thanks Paul, just installed it.


On 2020/06/06 12:28 pm, bering.p wrote:
About the add-on for Audacity:
The current add-on repository link is :

And the link to download the current add-on version conpatible with nvda 2020.1 is:

Best regards.

Le 04/06/2020 16:37, Brian Vogel a écrit :

            Hello and welcome to the NVDA Group.   Specific questions on how to use Audacity itself are not on-topic for the main NVDA Group.  I will give the e-mail addresses for our Chat Subgroup, where they are appropriate, in a few moments.  I wanted to make sure you had membership established in the NVDA Group since you must have that before you can join the Chat Subgroup.

             I know we have (or have had, the group always has some flux) members who are active Audacity users.  There also appears to be an unofficial NVDA add-on for Audacity (  but it does not appear to be under active support and would not be compatible with the current version of NVDA.

             I thought there was a group on for blind users of Audacity, but I can't find it.  I'm almost certain one exists, so I'll allow someone else to point you in its direction.

             Should you wish to ask specific questions about using Audacity itself.  That should be done on our Chat Subgroup.  Here is the vital information for that:

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