Re: tubi add on?

hurrikennyandopo ...


Just confirmed with google chrome

This is with a add blocker.

If I do not have it enabled it will play the show automatically and if enabled the show will not start. When I disabled it again it played automatically.

This is in google chrome. so am guessing it might be the same in other browsers.

I think I will go up later on tonight and note that if using a add blocker to turn it off. I have no add blockers so I think they were showing me the player of which I wrote down the different way to start a movie in a browser.

I will put it on that page under please note near the browser section.

Gene nz

Gene nz

On 8/06/2020 12:20 pm, Ame wrote:

I’m using Chrome and have been for a long time..  What I can’t figure out is why it stopped automatically playing all of a sudden.  It’s been about a month.  I’ll surf the site and see what I can find about changes and how to do what with various browsers.

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