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The problem with that is that someone else can input that same number and get control of your clients machine.

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Jackie, this is what I was doing to no avail. I was using a simple key of three numbers. Could this be the problem?

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Dean, let's ensure a couple things.
1) Is the app actually installed? Press NVDA+n, then t & up arrow 1.
Does it say remote? If not, then the remote app isn't installed.)
2) Now try connecting. Once the connect option is chosen ensure that
client is selected & you're controlling the machine, & your trainee
has selected
to allow control from another machine.
3) Make certain you both have typed the same key in the key part of
the dialog. That means same case, whole 9yd. Then press ok.

f11 allows you to control the machine. Pressing it again lets you
access your own machine.

On 6/7/20, Tyler Spivey <tspivey@...> wrote:
Yes. What are you trying?

On 6/7/2020 2:52 PM, Dean Martineau wrote:
Good afternoon. It seems I could benefit from some handholding to use
NVDARemote. Both I and the trainee run the latest versions of NVDA and
the add-on. I can’t seem to connect to her. Is a valid
server? Clearly I’m missing something, probably very elementary, here.


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