Re: my normal mode suddenly changes to text review mode

Rui Fontes

Sorry, that happens with a new document or with a document you have received by mail or donloaded from Internet?

Rui Fontes

Às 04:37 de 08/06/2020, Aschalew Byness escreveu:

I am using the standard arrow keys for navigation. Indeed, it
sometimes become difficult to read with the standard arrow keys for
navigation. The problem is when I try to write or read. Because, when
I open a document to read and edit, the system carret (the edit
cursor) remains at the beginning of the document. And when I try to
read word by word with control + left/right arrow, it doesn’t work. In
this case, I read word by word with control+nvda key + left/right
arrow, which is reading keystroke for text review mode. to be able to
edit and read with the standard arrow keys for navigation, I restart
my pc; and it temporarily works fine.

On 6/7/20, Tyler Spivey <> wrote:
Try NVDA+space.

On 6/7/2020 9:09 AM, Aschalew Byness wrote:
Hi friends
Sometimes, when I read a document in Word or Notepad, I find myself in
text review mode. Hence, I can’t edit or navigate with system carret.
I cann’t even get back to normal mode by pressing insert+back space.
why does it become like that? What is the solution?

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