Re: sends the contents of the clipboard to the remote machine

Sarah k Alawami

Have you filed an issue on their github if they have one/ if so what has then their response? I know with team viewer It's text only if I recall, as it was only text that they copied over from my address bar to theirs.

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On 8 Jun 2020, at 13:23, Kevin Cussick via wrote:

thanks look for posting.

On 07/06/2020 05:14, Luke Davis wrote:

On Sat, 6 Jun 2020, Kevin Cussick via wrote:

Hi,   this only works with text right?   You can not copy a file from local machine and send it to the remote machine?

I have not tried it with graphical content or other formatted type text or data.
I have transferred word documents this way, by opening them on the remote, selecting all, copying, sending it to the control, and pasting into another word document on my local machine.

A pain, but it works.

And if there is a MIME encoder (or UU Encoder) on the remote, any file could be losslessly converted to text and moved this way.  But that is a lot of effort.


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