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On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 04:22 PM, Kevin Cussick wrote:
but if I want to install a program on the remote machine I can not go from local machine copy a file switch over to the remote machine and paste the file over.
I do want to comment directly on this.  At one time, before the ubiquity of cloud drive access, this would have been a lot more necessary than it is now.

If I know I will be needing or wanting to transfer files between two machines during a remote session, I can easily open something in Google Drive, or Amazon S3 storage, or OneDrive on each side that is accessing the very same folder where I can cut from my local machine and paste to cloud storage (or upload to cloud storage, it really depends on the exact interface being used) and where I can do the converse on the other end.

Moving files between machines has probably never been easier than it is now with the myriad of cloud storage options available, a very great many of them free.

But having text be pushable from one side of the remote session to the other using the clipboard is impossible in many instances, and remains so.  I was just working with someone across the country with an Outlook VBA issue, and I could not cut the script text (or parts of it) on my end and paste it there (which is what would have typically made the most sense if we were not talking a remote session).  I had to e-mail several different things so that I could actually copy and paste them on the remote side, as there was no other way to get them there otherwise.

Mind you, had I been really desperate to have repeated, ongoing, exchange of text I would probably create a file on cloud storage that I could open on either end and paste text in to it on the source side and copy it out on the target side and do with it what was needed.  But that's still a lot less convenient than being able to copy to the clipboard and hit a command to say, "push the contents of my clipboard to the remote side,"  and have a way to just paste on that side. 

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