Re: sends the contents of the clipboard to the remote machine

Sarah k Alawami

It exists in team viewer. My agent pulled a web address from my browser's address into her computer's clipboard then we did what we needed to do. This was with the latest team viewer what ever that is.. I don't even look at that but you can try it with the latest from their website.

Good luck.

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On 9 Jun 2020, at 7:50, Brian Vogel wrote:


           To clarify, I am talking about remote support utilities in general with that statement, not NVDA Remote specifically, as you are correct and it has already been established in the course of this topic that pushing clipboard text contents from one side, and then pulling via paste on the other, is supported by NVDA Remote.

            It's a function I'd love to have in, say, Microsoft Quick Assist, but it does not exist.  It's been quite a while since I last used TeamViewer, but I don't recall it existing there, either, with regard to the clipboard.  File sharing/transfer is a completely separate issue.


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