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So its setting the end before the start, not a good move that!
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From: "Artin Dekker" <>
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Sent: Friday, August 19, 2016 12:50 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] problem with the newest chrome

If I have a link in Chrome NVDA says blank. This happens at every link,
not only in search results. The log is:

ERROR - XMLFormatting.XMLTextParser.parse (12:46:30):
XML: <control controlIdentifier_docHandle="1836924"
controlIdentifier_ID="-5026" _startOfNode="1" _endOfNode="0" isBlock="1"
isHidden="0" _childcount="22" _childcontrolcount="22" _indexInParent="0"
_parentChildCount="1" IAccessible2::attribute_explicit-name="true"
IAccessible2::attribute_tag="#document" IAccessible2::state_1024="1"
IAccessible::role="15" IAccessible::state_1048576="1"
IAccessible::state_64="1" keyboardShortcut="" name="Microsoft – Official
Home Page" ><control controlIdentifier_docHandle="1836924"
controlIdentifier_ID="-5027" _startOfNode="1" _endOfNode="0" isBlock="1"
isHidden="0" _childcount="5" _childcontrolcount="4" _indexInParent="0"
_parentChildCount="22" IAccessible2::attribute_class="shell-header
shell-responsive global-sticky mobile-view"
IAccessible2::attribute_xml-roles="banner" IAccessible2::state_1024="1"
IAccessible::role="1043" keyboardShortcut="" ><control
controlIdentifier_docHandle="1836924" controlIdentifier_ID="-5031"
_startOfNode="1" _endOfNode="1" isBlock="1" isHidden="0" _childcount="1"
_childcontrolcount="1" _indexInParent="0" _parentChildCount="5"
IAccessible2::attribute_tag="a" IAccessible2::state_1024="1"
IAccessible::role="30" IAccessible::state_1048576="1"
IAccessible::state_4194304="1" IAccessible::state_8388608="1"
IAccessibleAction_Gaan naar="0" description="Microsoft"
keyboardShortcut="" ><control controlIdentifier_docHandle="1836924"
controlIdentifier_ID="-5035" _startOfNode="1" _endOfNode="1" isBlock="1"
isHidden="0" _childcount="1" _childcontrolcount="0" _indexInParent="0"
_parentChildCount="1" IAccessible2::attribute_display="block"
IAccessible2::attribute_xml-roles="img" IAccessible2::state_1024="1"
IAccessible::role="40" IAccessible::state_4194304="1"
IAccessible::state_64="1" IAccessibleAction_klikken="0"
keyboardShortcut="" ><text _startOfNode="1" _endOfNode="1" isBlock="0"
isHidden="0" _childcount="0" _childcontrolcount="0" _indexInParent="0"
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "XMLFormatting.pyc", line 60, in parse
ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 1516

Artin Dekker
Beheerder win10-nl

Op 19-8-2016 om 12:01 schreef Gene:
Chrome automatically updates itself and the user can't stop it. Use
Firefox for sites where you have this problem. It isn't clear to me
what the problem is. Is the problem that when you do a search such as
a google search, you don't see the links in the results displayed as
clickable links or you don't see the address of the sites in the
results showing where the result leads?
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*Subject:* Re: [nvda] problem with the newest chrome

One of the things I soon learned was to keep archives of older
versions of
software so one could back track if things got broken. For the moment all
you can do is tell The Chrome team and nvda team about any issues
and back
track to the earlier viersion until its been fixed.
Brian <>
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From: "P. Otter" < <>>
To: < <>>
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016 6:24 PM
Subject: [nvda] problem with the newest chrome

hello all,

i've a problem with the newest version of chrome.

when i type a search string for example nvda the results will coming
but the link will not be spoken.

what's wrong?

i've allso an older version, but that's a portable version.

when i open this version the results will be spoken allso the links.

what can i do to solve this problem and are there more people who has
problems like this in chrome?

i was just glad that i could use chrome in nvda.

the same problem comes up when i open youtube after i have search

i don't understand why this is changed.

before chrome was working perfectly!

thanks in advance.

paul otter

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