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Hmmm just got text cloner pro or am attempting to get it.

Buying the program does take me to a webpage with an error, doodling with that a bit more got me to a page where I could enter my transaction id and which I did.

However the paypal recipt seems to point me at something called apollo communication which seems to not exist domain wize so have emailed the company support for textcloner.

Lets hope its all interconnected as there was other stuff there I may be interested in later.

If not I will have to ask paypal for a refund due to the nonexistant domain.

It seems like I can still download abbyy fine reader 14 so temperarily I will probably downgrade to that.

The abbyy fine reader 15 aint actually that bad as such, but as long as I do not ever need the menu bar or the main window of the main app it works.

I do not process a large amount of paper documents though and with things like codex and a wordprocesser like jarte I will be fine.

Of course jarte doesn't have the ability to convert or reade older word documents and only certain formats.

So I may in the end need to get something like libre office to handle all this stuff.

On 11/06/2020 9:15 am, g melconian wrote:
Don’t know .kurzweil 1000 has not been updated since 14. Since the developer of Kurzweil 1000 for the blind has retired. they are still keeping Kurzweil 3000 product around. Maybe download a trial of that and see how it works. The other thing I can think of is open book by VFO or omni page .but with omni page I have not tried and don’t know how well it will work .

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Hi all.

Well, looks like fine reader just had a name change since I have gotten it.

It seems to be called fine reader 15 pdf now.

Since support and abbyy don't seem to deem it important to fix the accessibility issues and since it all seems locked to business now I think it is time for me to cut my losses and upgrade.

The last version was released at the end of the year.

What ocr program should I use instead of abbyy fine reader.

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