Re: about audio related issue on bluetooth headset

Meet modi

here i am also come up with some details..
one person ask me all drivers is upto date?
so i want to say yes all is up to date. Here i am pasting all text.
I checked in the control panel, Device Manager go to audio category and go to my headphone device model name and pressed application key.
i saw one option called Update driver I press enter and then i go to Search automatically for drivers Update Drivers – Headphones (JBL TUNE160BT Stereo) The best drivers for your device are already installed Windows has determined that the best driver for this device is already installed. There may be better drivers on Windows Update or on the device manufacturer’s website.
i  checked in  manufacturer’s website but i couldn't show anything.

and yes i tried with duck mode but in the youtube, Skype, Google Meet all which runs with audio and video that time my nvda stopped. as i mentioned above.
and again i checked my dongle in other PC so same problem i faceing.  should i return this product?
please guide me  regarding this query.
Thanks in advance.

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