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Fawaz Abdul rahman

Hi all,

This happened to a friend of mine as well, he was using surface pro X and Microsoft edge browser, regardless how many times he redownloaded always got .man extension  for whatever reason.

I told him to try from different browser since I couldn’t reproduce the problem using firefox, when I downloaded I got the expected adon format.

So it seems with edge and explorer it is changing the extension.




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There are cases, such as sometimes, someone will download an NVDA extension

and for some reason, using one browser, the extension will be changed to

zip, rather than what it should be.  I don't know why, but it does happen.

Someone else may know.  In such a case, changing the extension to what it

should be solves the problem and, evidently, using another browser does,



and, as David said, it is not a good idea to use Internet Explorer as a main

browser now.  Its archaic.  It continues to receive security updates, but

the actuall browser hasn't been updated in years and will work with fewer

and fewer sites.  Changing to a different browser is not difficult.  Most of

what you will do will be identical or almost so.  Working with settings and

bookmarks may be somewhat different, but if you are using a browser that

supports browse mode, browsing will be either identical or almost identical.

Some pages may present a little differently, but most won't or will be

almost the same.  Evidently, Facebook presents itself quite differently and

Internet Explorer appears still to be the best browser to use with it but

that is a rare exception.  I don't know about sites like M.Facebook.



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>well, I got the file using google chrome and it came out as usual, I was

>using internet explorer before and some how the file extention was changed

>by the server.


Larry, when you say that the file came out "as usual" when you used Google

Chrome I don't know what it is you are trying to say. Are you saying that

the file downloaded properly with the proper name when you used Google

Chrome? Also, I don't think that Internet Explorer would be able to change

the title of the file on the server. However, that being said I don't

recommend using Internet Explorer as a Web browser. Many of today's Web

sites are using technologies which Internet Explorer doesn't support. Using

Google Chrome is a good choice as it's a modern browser which is fast and

will be able to supp;ort any Web site you decide to visit. As time goes by

you're going to find that more and more Web sites will no longer work with

Internet Explorer the way they used to. Microsoft is no longer adding

features and new capabilities to that browser but Chrome should serve you

well. While I personally don't care for Firefox that browser does work very

nicely with NVDA and you could certainly try that one, as well. David

Goldfield, Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist JAWS Certified, 2019

On 6/11/2020 7:05 PM, larry k wrote:

well, I got the file using google chrome and it came out as usual, I was

using internet explorer before and some how the file extention was changed

by the server.





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