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Hmmm interestingly today I recieved a bit from abbyy.

Firstly finereader pdf15 is the same as the old fine reader 15.

Secondly they acknowledged they had recieved the issues I raised but admitted not to have fixed them.

No date on the fix though.

I've switched to text cloner though and at least for me and abbyy that will be it.

If I need abbyy on another system I then may just well get it again as I still have my licence.

I will get my free upgrade though.

On 12/06/2020 12:11 am, Ralf Kefferpuetz wrote:

I’m still using finereader pro version 9, under Win10 2004 64bit, I bought it on Amazon for about $20. What I want to say is, if the 15 version is broken for us, then buy an older version.





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Because finereader 15 has really slow menu access with nvda which support was able to reproduce.

The last update was the end of last year and I put the ticket in on january well could have been just before that.

They havn't fixed it and I am tired of waiting.

I use my ocr software mainly for paper documents that are not electronic.

These are a few bills and letters and while 80% of them are email there are still a bunch of things I need to print and I have decided I can wait no longer.

For what I do I don't need the best mainstream software, I need stable and accessible software.

I waited for ages and even let it go because of the virus in my country but after getting some notes on the latest end of life on flash and getting rid of it and shockwave I decided to revisit all the stored notes for the year past and found that.

I actually would have prefered to continue mainstream.

But I have just spent 160 dollars on text cloner pro and I have no regrets, and I'm never going back to abbyy at least not on my own machine.

Becides for the price I pay I get a spellchecker, dictionary and a miniture word processer all in the same package.

And premier may actually have other bits of software I may come back for at some point.

I know mainstream is usually the way but after switching from something to something made with standard guidelines and controls, I can't say I want to move.

For one thing the program is faster loading.

For another the installer was 90mb in size not 500mb, the program itself is only just over 130mb in size.

The program uses the iris engine.

I did have and use iris software when I had an older scanner and it was ok.

Iris itself costs a lot less than abbyy does well especially on the deal I had but access on the actual program just wasn't good not on the full version.

I can't see myself paying for a bigger program even if its issues are solved.

Pluss so far I have had no support delays at all.

And while there are a few really small issues with a shortcut and part of the installer its basically it.

I am sure they will get fixed and there will be not much of a delay in getting things done.

It can work on any screen reader and while it did cost a little, it cost slightly less than a fine reader upgrade, and certainly a lot less than a full version of abbyy fine reader.

Pluss as I said I just don't want to wait anymore.

When I have had issues I have had to sometimes wait a month for any reply and other friends have even had issues with finereader 14.

With the way windows is going I need something that will stay updated without changing itself so it becomes hard to use.

Pluss it loads fast, and there are no frills.

Its just a word processer with a few extras in its menus it even auto detected my scanner.



On 11/06/2020 10:25 pm, Sean wrote:

Why not use Finereader?

On 11/06/2020 02:57, Stanley Haupt via wrote:

I have a Brother 7362N scanner fax and printer. My scanning software is Openbook 9.0 from Freedom Scientific and DocuScanplus 3.0 from Serotek.

Stanley Haupt




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