Re: Copy value from foreground window

Chris Mullins


Zara’s suggestion copies the title of the foreground window to the clipboard and if there is information in the body of the foreground window that you need access to, you could try the Virtual review add-on.  This allows you to use NVDA+control+w to virtualize the current window into text form, which you can then edit and copy information to the clipboard.







From: zahra
Sent: 13 June 2020 18:16
Subject: Re: [nvda] Copy value from foreground window



please nvda t three times quickly.

it copies the title of your desired item to the clipboard.


On 6/13/20, Edhoari Setiyoso <edhoari.s@...> wrote:

> Hi group,

> Now that I can read the content of foreground window, I need a way to copy

> it's value to clipboard.

> I can't find any of such command in NVDA user guide.

> Can anyone advise me on this one?

> Best Regards

> --

> Edhoari Setiyoso





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