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Eilana Benish

Hello Ibrahim.
I had this problem many years ago and it seems that the only thing that helped me at that time was too reinstall again NVDA. you could do that with another running screen reader or with portable version of NVDA.
The best thing you could do is to remove NVDA completely from your computer and reinstall it again.
After removing NVDA from your computer it is important also to delete the NVDA folder from the <user, Update, Roaming, nvda, from your computer. Then restart your system and reinstall NVDA.
I'm afraid that other solutions will only complicate the use of NVDA properly .
Also, I suggest you checked if your browsers are up-to-date and if the Accessibility features are not turned off.
It is very important to use the last version of the browser as well as the screen reader that way you can achieve the most effective compatibility on your system.
Good luck

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Hi good people:
How can one trouble shoot NVDA.
The screen reader is just not working properly on my computer any longer. I've done the com registration fixing tools on the tools menu, and I still hear unknown when I attempt to open a web page. Some times the page opens, at other times, the page is not read, I just hear unknown, and the screen reader shuts itself down, and I have to restart it again from the desktop.
Added to that, the screen reader is too slow. It does not start early enough, it takes minutes before it starts, and other problems.
The question now is: what can I do about these problems? how can I fix these problems.
I use a windows7-32 bit computer, and I use the last version of NVDA.
I am prompted to install the latest version, but the pop up normally comes when I am very busy.
Thanks for your support.

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