Re: about audio related issue on bluetooth headset

Tony Malykh

NVDA stops speaking completely when you are playing  a song? What program are you using to play songs? My only suspicion would be that your program is switching your headphones into headset mode, so that's effectively another audio device, and NVDA keeps sending speech to the old audio device, which is ignored since your headphones are in headset mode. Not sure if headset mode is the right term - but I mean that mode that for example skype uses to capture audio from your headphones and send audio with lower latency. This mode is known to be different from the normal mode for bluetooth headphones, that typically provides  higher quality and higher latency audio. So maybe try another program to play music or figure out what's the output device for music?


On 6/10/2020 9:42 PM, Meet modi wrote:

NVDA team,
Here i am using bluetooth headset with PC with bluetooth dongle.
I am faceing audio cutting issue and while playing any song NVDA stop speaking.
I also install bluetooth audio add-ons and read privious topic.
at the last i have some experiment.
With narrator i am not faceing this issue.
i also read old topic which was asked on 2018 but cant find any answer i requested to NVDA team please try to looking for this metter

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