Re: Discrepancy Between NVDA and Youtube sounds

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I have not used it for a while but have you got ducking turned on set to always duck in nvda. I think it makes nvdas voice louder and if watching you tubeĀ  etc it makes it duck and heaps quieter.

Use the nvda key + shift key + the letter D and cycle it away from it. You should hear aalways duck, no ducking, duck when out putting speech and sounds and always duck.

See if that works.

Gene nz


On 15/06/2020 7:16 am, Nevzat Adil wrote:
Hi every one,
There is a discrepancy between the volume of sound I get from NVDA and Youtube.
For instance, when I listen to a Youtube video I need to turn the
volume all the way up to hear some sound, but then the volume from
NVDA is at 100%.
Is there a way to equalize the sound volumes of both NVDA and Youtube
so that I won't have to turn up the volume all the way up to listen to
a Youtube video?
Any help would be appreciated.
Nevzat Adil
Library of Congress Certified
Literary Braille Proofreader
C: 512 502 4403

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