NVDA and Jabber

Marquette, Ed


I know at least one other member of this list is a Jabber user. Jabber, a Cisco softphone product, is really wonderful and is mostly accessible. When office phones are not accessible or only marginally accessible, Jabber really helps, and because it is a Cisco product, the IT departments in large companies do not push back--as they do with programs having less recognized pedigrees. Jabber is even more important now that many, if not most, of us are working primarily from our home offices.
NVDA works quite well with Jabber on 95% of the calling features; however, it does not give the "STATUS" of the person being called, and it does not work well with Jabber's live chat feature.
JAWS handles these features fine, but JAWS is so bloated and so slow that our key application, a document management system, nearly chokes with JAWS running.
Once there was a Jabber add-in for NVDA, but it did not help with the above features.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

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