Re: How Do I Stop the NVDA Updater from Monitoring Specific Addons?


You do not mention what version of NVDA you're using.  That matters, as "the newest" is, as far as add-ons go, "the newest compatible with the NVDA you're running."

The Browser Nav page notes that the last version compatible with NVDA 2019.X is Browser Nav version 1.1.   I believe version 1.9 is compatible with 2020.X (even though the actual add-on page for the stable version is still showing several versions back).

The latest stable version of Tony's Enhancements is 1.4, and Add-On Updater does not deal with development versions.  And even the development page for that add-on only has a link to version 1.4.  I can find absolutely no reference to a Version 1.7 being "live" anywhere.

You can always uninstall the add-ons, then manually download and reinstall them.  It could be that will cure the problem going forward.

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