Re: How Do I Stop the NVDA Updater from Monitoring Specific Addons?

Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...>

Thanks Joseph for clearing the mystery up for me. It's really no big deal. I just disabled the Updater from monitoring the two add-ons in question. All is well again.

On 6/16/2020 3:41 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi Kenny,

Part of the reason is that the add-ons community did not receive a notice from Tony about new versions of his add-ons. Also, unless requested by add-on authors, there are no separate development releases channel for add-ons.

There are two other reasons:

  1. There is (or was) a huge discussion in the add-ons community about modernizing add-on release workflow and related materials. In the old days, add-ons workflow was intimately tied to NVDA translations, and NV Access people had a hard time maintaining the original version of this workflow (things have improved in recent months somewhat through communication between the original author of this workflow and NV Access staff). However, since the bulk of maintaining add-ons and translations workflow was carried out by people outside of NV Access through NV Access facility, it was felt that, for security reasons and for maintenance, NV Access staff decided to think about modernizing all this. Add-on Updater is merely the first step of this process, and if things go well, there will come a day when I can quietly retire from NVDA development after donating Add-on Updater code to NV Access.
  2. The person responsible for majority of add-on update metadata maintenance (yours truly) is away from his office at the moment for various reasons (mental health and academics being the highest of highest of priorities). For this reason, there is a delay between when an add-on author publishes an announcement about updated add-ons and when they will show up via Add-on Updater. I will indeed return to actively manage add-on update publishing in a few weeks.



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