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larry k <sir-laurence@...>

does anyone have a list of remote servers for nvda?

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Using that term, won't help you fixing it.
I'm using a lot for many times a day for remote support.
My network is private and my computers behind 2 routers.
Other than the rare a few seconds connection drop offs once in a while
I have no problems using it appreciatively.
I'm sure whatever is going on with you not making it work properly, Is
on your end of the network, routers port forwarding or your own
provider blocking it. its on your end.
As long its working fine with most of us, you know what that means.

On 6/16/20, mattias <> wrote:
NVDA remote addon has allways been crap

If you are behind a router no go

Trust me i have tryed

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Från: larry k
Skickat: den 16 juni 2020 03:50
Ämne: [nvda] remote servers

I tried to connect to the remote server, j c host, and then I tried to
connect to the default remote server. in both cases, I got a can not connect
to the remote computer. and all I had was o ik to press.
where is there a list of remote servers? larry

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