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Från: Vincent Le Goff
Skickat: den 16 juni 2020 20:28
Ämne: [nvda] CodeFactory eloquence won't start anymore


Hello everyone,



I don't know if I should write here, but it's mostly to see if others

had this issue.  Perhaps I was unlucky.  I often am with technology.



So I purchased CodeFactory eloquence and it worked well... until it

didn't.  Now my profile with Eloquence in it won't start.  When

selecting it I have a dialog telling me that CodeFactory will open

settings to check registration.  I say okay and yes when Windows asks me

if this software should be allowed to perform admin tasks.  The settings

open... but on clicking on ok I get a simple error: couldn't load

synthesizer.  This happens if I select the speech synthesizer in NVDA's

settings as well.



So I would guess: not an NVDA bug, most likely a CodeFactory bug. 

Still, as far as I know, things worked great before the update of the

last NVDA version (I'm running on 2020.1 now).  Then again, it can

hardly be a Python version error, since I don't expect major changes

took place in Python version between these NVDA versions.



Has anyone experienced similar issues?  And found a quick fix?  I like

quick fixes... if they hold.











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