Re: setting up imap email

Kevin Huber

Hi Brian:

Thanks for that explanation. I actually investigated this myself and
I pressed the settings button and was able to follow the instructions
given in the Gmail help, but instead of click on a gear, I pressed the
settings button and was able to follow the rest of the instructions as
Kevin Huber ,

On 8/19/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
NVDA reads the "gear button" as "Settings Menu Button" and will tell you
"collapsed, submenu" until you activate it. It also mentions that you've
landed on "toolbar" when you first hit any of the Google Toolbar buttons, of
which the Settings Menu Button is only one.

The above presumes that you've already logged in to the Gmail web interface
for any one of the services that has settings that you as a user are able to
configure. Gmail is definitely among those.

Gmail should have IMAP access enabled by default these days, but if an
account was set up years ago it might not. If you're trying to use a Gmail
account in an email client I would simply try setting it up in that client
first. Those that can do auto setup will always try IMAP first and if the
account is not set up to allow IMAP it most likely will fail. Then you'd
have to resort to going in to the Gmail account and turning it on.

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