Re: remote servers

hurrikennyandopo ...


there was a list that went across quite a while ago for those servers. I thought I might of still had a copy but seems I have not.

I do not even know what the email might of been called if you are lucky some thing like nvda servers? might be able to find in the archive

but do not know if it was on this list i can not remember which list we were on this one or the old one around that time.

Gene nz


On 17/06/2020 6:01 pm, Luke Davis wrote:

Personally, I have never heard of any such list, but just so you know, I used to help someone earlier tonight, with no trouble at all.

I'm wondering if your problem is something other than what server you're using.

Perhaps go through the connect dialog, and re-enter everything? Re-install the add-on if you have to.


On Tue, 16 Jun 2020, larry k wrote:

      does anyone have a list of remote servers for nvda?

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