Re: end of the line for finereader


No it hasn't but the menu access issues still exist.

At any rate I concidder this topic closed, as I am now using text cloner which is while not a mainstream product at least stable and fast.

I don't have any plans to switch back to abbyy at least for myself, maybe I will try again later on, but maybe I won't.

For the systems I use which are not my own maybe I will use it again as I do like it.

But for what I use and need I have something that will work.

On 17/06/2020 9:43 pm, J.G wrote:

as it was told on this list, Abbyy just merged 2 products (Pdf transformer and Finereader) into one. it means, you have all the functions of FR plus functions of Transformer. Finereader has not gone.


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