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hurrikennyandopo ...


It looks as though it is a NVDA problem

I just tried the same process with window eyes 9.5 and repeated the same process finding a product in the mailer say kiwi fruit then pressing the enter key on it. A box appears with weight, price etc then to make it disappear use the escape key.

So why can jaws see it plus window eyes?

I thought it was on there side but seems not to be.

I guess it will not get fixed then unless a ticket goes in or others can reproduce the same problem.

Gene nz

On 16/06/2020 9:33 am, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
Hi guys

I am wondering if some one can tell me the following.

If I go to the following website at then go down to the virtual mailer and press the enter key on it up will come the virtual mailer You might have to jump down to see what is been sold in it.

I am not sure how much focus NVDA gets on it but jumping down by buttons then arr-owing down will get you to it.

Even though NVDA reads out the product when you press the enter key on it to find out more there is like a window that comes up It will tell you the price etc and you can add it to a list but for some reason NVDA does not see this pop up with the information.

yet when I tested the same thing with jaws I picked out a product from the list pressed the enter key on it then I think it is a box come up with information on it and price etc and to add to list.

When I pressed the enter key on the product I think I used the letter H for headings then arrowed down to get more info. But the same process does not work for NVDA.

This is using latest version of google chrome and the latest version of the new edge as well as nvda 2020.1

Could some one put in a ticket for it and or see what is happening.

I downloaded the mailer and I know for a fact that is not accessible to a screen reader user it is just scanned images.

Gene nz

Yet NVDA does not see it. I have tried quite a few ways to bring it up. Could some one try to reproduce the same problem I am guessing this is a bug that will need to be fixed.

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